Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An Abundance of Katherines

So, this is going to be my last post for awhile because I am just too busy. So here is my review....

Colin is a child prodigy, or was a child prodigy. Now, he is just a high school graduate with a thing for girls named Katherine. And girls named Katherine have a thing for breaking up with him. Depressed after his break-up with Katherine 19, that's right I said 19, he and his Judge Judy obsessed friend go on a road trip, where Colin comes up with the Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability. This theorem would show how long a relationship will last, that is if Colin ever has his eureka! moment and perfects it.
This story was okay, it wasn't great. I won't be screaming at you to go get it. I almost stopped reading it at one point because the beginning was a bit slow, but stuck through and it had a great ending. I wish the author had gone on, because I wanted to see what happened. So if it sounds interesting, look it up online because my summary is pretty bad, and get a good summary of it. It was good, just not great.

So, that is it, I will post when I can, so check back occasionally, and have a great summer!!


Rachel said...

Hi. I know this isnt the place where I should be writing this, but you didnt have a C-Box so I didnt know what to do... I'm not sure if on your link list you have 'Muffins.and.Books' but if you could change the URL to http://book-junkee.blogspot.com
Because I changed it to that. Thank you!

wdebo said...

i really wanted to read that book! I put it on hold on the library still havent gotten it back yet :(