Saturday, September 19, 2009

Perfect Fifths

At last the new Jessica Darling book! I have absolutely adored this series, except the fourth book which I read the beginning and the end of and then stopped. This latest and last book is written in a completely different style than its predecessors which are written in diary form. This novel is written in third person, but the narrator knows what both Marcus and Jessica are thinking. Yes the focus of this novel is Jessica and Marcus. The story starts three years after the fourth book (for those who haven't gotten this far in the series stop here as spoilers from previous books will be included) where Jessica rejected Marcus's proposal. Jessica is on her way to Bridget and Perry's wedding on St. John and runs over Marcus. No that was not a typo, Jessica actually runs over Marcus in an attempt to make her flight. The rest of the novel fills in the blanks from the missing three years as Jessica and Marcus catch up with each other. The novel takes place in about 24 hours, but there is an attention to detail that has not been present in the previous books.

I absolutely loved this book. I wasn't sure because it was different than the previous Jessica books, but it really worked. It was well written and the banter between Jessica and Marcus is defiantly  what was missing in the fourth book. Fans of Jessica and Marcus get the ending they wanted and they'll be happy to see both Marcus and Jessica have their lives together. The book is well written, interesting and has everything that fans of the series want. Go read it.