Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols

Lori has always been one of the guys when it came to her next door neighbors the Vader brothers. They spend their summers together on the lake wakeboarding and working at the marina. The youngest of the Vader brothers, Adam, is one of Lori's best friends. But Lori secretly has a huge crush on the middle brother Sean, a crush that only Adam knows about. When Sean steals Adam's girlfriend, Lori and Adam pretend to be going out to make Sean and Rachel (the girl Sean stole from Adam) jealous. But plots run deep, and there may be more to this one then what meets the eye.
I had a good time reading this book. As it belongs to the Romantic Comedies collection, it had a perfect amount of humor and romance. The characters are believable, which for these novels sometimes doesn't happen. Sure the story was slightly predictable, but it was highly enjoyable and some parts took me by surprise. I recommend this book as a beach or pool read or just a light read when you want to smile.