Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Review, Finally!

Sorry this took so long, I finished five new books, so there will be five new reviews coming out. The first one is now!

When It Happens by Susane Colasanti is an amazing story about two polar opposite high school seniors who fall in love.

Tobey has had a crush on Sarah for a while, but she is a serious student, and he is a mucisian and slacker. He devises a plan to win her over, but Sarah has started to go out with popular jock Dave. Filled with musical references that can appeal to even non-music lovers, this is a teen love story to remember.

I could not put this book down, it was one of the better books I have read. I highly reccomend this book for anyone who likes YA novels. One warning though is that it is written in first-person in alternating perspectives, so there is a warning for those who don't like that. But that was my only problem with the book, I have reread it a few times since I first finished it. So, if you are looking for a good love story, this book is for you.