Monday, April 7, 2008

First Book Review: Lawn Boy

So, I figured I should get the first review up quickly, so I got a book at the end of lunch, started it in study hall and finished it by the end of study hall. So right now I'm guessing you know it is a short book, which it is, under 100 pages. So it's review time.

Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen
When a boy turns 12 years old, he recieves a lawn mower for his birthday, a gift from his eccentric grandmother. When a neighbor sees him riding it and mowing his lawn, he gets hired to mow the neighbors lawn. As word starts to get around, he starts to pick up clients, one of them happens to be a stock broker who invests some of the boy's money into stocks. When he has too many clients to handle, he starts to expand and now has a full fledged buisness.
This book, though a short read, is filled with humor and a few good lessons on the stock market. In its 80 something pages it is filled with plot twists, that you don't see coming, and some you do. The characters are great, Arnold, the stock broker stuck in the 70's, the boy's eccentric grandmother, and his parents- very smart, but their jobs don't pay well. The book has a happy ending (of course) and there isn't much more I can say. I reccomend it if you want a quick read, but if you want something long and with a lot of meaning don't pick up the book.